The Project hosts shockwaves with a massive reveal on air


The project The host shocked panelists after she revealed that she and her family were engaging in a hateful practice.

Kate Langbrook Join the board side by side Waleed AliLisa Wilkinson and Peter Hellyar Thursday evening as they began discussing the routine procedure of brushing their teeth.

The conversation came after the comedian Sarah Silverman told the host of an American talk show the view She shares a toothbrush with partner Rory Albanese.

After sharing a clip from the interview, Lisa said, “That’s so gross, this is so gross,” before Kate replies, “Isn’t it? Why is it gross?”

Kate Langbrook claims to have shared her toothbrushes with her entire family. Source: Channel 10


Peter agreed that the act was annoying, and said, “It’s mouth-watering stuff.”

“There’s kissing that goes on, but that’s a separate issue. You really get in there. You do that too, right?” Walid asked.

He admitted he’d share a toothbrush if he left it in the basement bathroom.

“You’re too lazy to walk downstairs?” Peter interrogated.

Walid replied: “Yes.”

Peter applauded, “Go up your steps and do your mouth a favor.”

The project hosts Peter Helliar, Waleed Aly, Lisa Wilkinson and Kate Langbroek on the programme.

The project hosts Peter Hellyar, Walid Ali, Lisa Wilkinson and Kate Langbrook to discuss toothbrush sharing. Source: Channel 10

Then Kate admitted that she and husband Peter routinely share the same toothbrush.

“Stop, don’t go in there!” she said, before Lisa could answer.

Kate added that they had a shared cup in the bathroom.

“We technically have enough toothbrushes for everyone, but we don’t have the will to customize the colors,” she said.

“Just pick a random one. Sometimes I go, ‘That’s a bit shaggy.'”

Peter then annoyed the crowd when he asked what happened when he ran out of dental floss.

“They only use each other’s nails, where do you draw the line?” He asked, before Kate said, “I don’t know what’s going on in your relationship.”

Kate has three children, three of whom are boys, and Lisa claimed that boys do not have the same dental hygiene.


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Kate replied, “Look, I don’t know…it’s clean…it is.”

Lisa replied, “The main purpose of the toothbrush is to get in and get rid of the dirt.”

Toothbrush sharing appears to be a controversial topic, with many the view The hosts were upset when Sarah Silverman first released this revelation.

Fans of the show described him as “weird” and “disgusting”.

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