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Source title: The premiere of epic killer IP “Qing Mian Shura” came to Yun Cinema with Feng Shaofeng, Hu Jun and Jin Chen to reveal the truth about rivers and lakes

“Why does it seem like there’s a tour already waiting for me to get in?”

In the ancient fantasy action movie “Blue Mian Shura”, one of the four assassins in the Valley of Hate, Qi Junyuan (Feng Shaofeng), mumbled, revealing the film’s biggest point – the killer Shura in the mist. On the field, how do you see through the middle of the ring and the middle of the game.

This is directed by Li Ren Gang, Hong Kong Gold Medal Manager, Starring Feng Shaofeng, Hu Jun, Jin Chen, Wang Qingxiang, Gao Jie, Zheng Jiang, Wolf Liangwei, Wu Dairong, Cheng Jian, Xu Shaoqiang and Xu Qing. Ludu Yuming, Yuan. Xiangren, Min Zheng and many other ancient dramas The new national-style killer epic “Blue Mian Shura”, starring with bones, was officially released on iQIYI in “Cloud Cinema Premiere” mode on May 13. The movie price is 12 yuan, and iQiyi VIP members can buy tickets for 6 yuan.

The film revolves around a copper plate containing a treasure map. In the civil strife of the Central Plains, nations fought each other, and a war of annexation was imminent. The treasure of eight thousand pieces of gold left over by the previous dynasty was the only hope for victory in the Central Plains. And the piece of copper that led the way to wealth became the thing that all countries coveted, causing a bloody storm among the courts, rivers, and lakes.

The green-faced Shura Qi Junyuan (played by Feng Shaofeng) witnessed the tragic destruction of the family due to hidden treasures in his childhood, and later joined Li Hate Valley to become a prominent killer. After receiving the assassination mission, he learned that the precious copper coins had returned to the rivers and lakes. In order to take revenge at the door, Qi Junyuan decided to ignore the order of the valley owner Jin Luo Tai Sui, and risking himself, set out on the way to pick up the copper pieces.

He not only had to deal with Zhao Chuang (Hu Jun), the first general of Dongsang to protect the country, but also to avoid being pursued by the court and other killing organizations. Killer Qin Shengsheng (Jin Chen), was full of turmoil and dangers along the way. With doubts emerging one after another, Qi Junyuan discovered that the copper piece of the treasure map was a huge plot that had been planned for many years and was at stake.

In addition to the superb plot setting, “Blue Face Shura” has a strong cast of main creators, bringing together more than a dozen A-list stars and strong veteran actors to contribute in a tense and dazzling way to the competing dramas:

Directed by Qi Junyuan, Guichou Judge plays Wang Qingxiang, Best Actor at Hundred Flowers Award for Popular Film and Best Supporting Actor at Golden Rooster.

Dongsang hero Chai Sheng, veteran Hong Kong movie star Mr. Zeng Jiang

Zhai Kang, Zhai Sheng’s brother, is played by Gao Jie, who played many classic “gangster” bosses.

Xichuan’s protagonist, Meng Xu, plays Lv Liangwei, a famous Hong Kong movie star who has played many classic and heroic roles.

Black Impermanence, master of Li Hate Valley, played by famous Hong Kong martial arts star Xu Shaoqiang

“Blue Mian Shura” was adapted from the Chinese Assassin IP No. 1 novel “Assassin Bureau” by Yuan Taiji. In order to perfectly present the insidious killers in the original work, director Li Rengang once again demonstrated his excellent visual effect art. He said the film’s production team has been working hard for several years, insisting on high production investment, and using live photography to enhance the texture of light and shadow, only to better restore the wonderful world presented in the original work.

Flowing martial arts movements, visual design of electrical appliances, light and flint, exquisite and exquisite aesthetic special effects of ancient costumes, the film uses details to create a “fatal world” with unique oriental characteristics and martial arts fantasy. Sharp and delicate weapons such as Shura Hand, Heart String Qin, Flying Soul Needle, Five Ghost Darts, Samsara Armor, etc., are new and interesting weapons and clearly show the charm of “technique”, “tool”, “skill” and “game” in the” Assassin Universe”.

Welcome to iQIYI Cloud Cinema, let’s walk in this hidden mystery and bloody killer Jianghu, to hack the game and change the fate!

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