The Irish adopted father who raped his daughter more than 1,000 times has been named after he was imprisoned for 11 years


An adoptive father who raped his adopted daughter more than 1,000 times has been sentenced to 11 years in prison.

Kelly Kimi, who decided to give up her identity to name Stephen Murray, 56, her adoptive and abusive father, said she was raped a thousand times from age 11 until she was 18.

The 24-year-old said to the central criminal Tennis Court Standing in front of Murray, now a survivor, she is determined not to let the abuse define her.

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Murray, Humphriestown, Valley Mount, Share a weekHe pleaded guilty to 14 counts of rape, two counts of verbal rape and one count of sexual assault on dates between February 2009 and December 2015. He has no previous convictions.

Kimmy’s victim impact statement was read on the record at her adoptive father’s initial sentencing hearing.

Kelly Kimi speaking to the media after Stephen Murray’s sentencing


Judge Paul McDermott told the court that Murray and his wife were entrusted with the care of this girl and her two brothers. The judge said that throughout this period of abuse, Murray had been disingenuous in hiding it from his wife.

Judge McDermott said that Murray’s actions led to a serious sexual assault and that it was clear from the victim impact statement that this had psychological effects on the victim and caused her physical and emotional pain.

The judge said the aggravating factors were that the crimes were committed against a weak little girl in her bedroom.

He said that Murray had caused terror, fear and isolation to the child, and that his sympathy for the girl only appeared recently. Judge McDermott said Murray insisted on the abuse because he could and wanted to, even when his foster daughter asked him not to.

Stephen Murray
Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray
Stephen Murray

The judge said the crimes were of the most serious levels. For sexual assault, Murray was sentenced to seven years in prison. On charges of rape, Murray was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Judge McDermott said he should consider mitigation when sentencing, citing Murray’s early admission of guilt and expressions of shame and remorse, along with his good work history and positive engagement with probation services.

For this reason, the judge suspended the last twelve months of the sentence on the condition that Murray maintain peace, be of good behavior and keep all appointments as directed by the Probation Services. Both sentences will run simultaneously.

The plaintiff, Anne Rowland, said the petitions were admissible to the state on the basis that they were a sample of the charges. She said the woman told Gardy that from ages 11 to 18, the man raped her four to five times a week.

Ms. Roland said that even if a man raped the girl once a week, that would equate to 300 cases, and if that was the case, he raped her five times a week, that would equal more than 1,000 rapes.

The attorney said that the Director of Public Prosecutions had instructed the case to fall into an “exceptional category” for such an offense, given the extreme vulnerability of the victim, the mistrust involved, the frequency of the offense and the severe and long-lasting impact the rape had on the woman.

On this basis, she said, the Director of Public Prosecutions suggests that the case deserves a main sentence ranging from 15 years to life imprisonment.

The court heard that after the initial abuse of the girl while in the sitting room of the family home, Murray would regularly come into her bedroom at night and rape her.

Other family members, including his wife, were often asleep in the house at the time.

On one occasion when a party was held in the house to celebrate communion with her younger sister, the victim went to bed with a headache but her adoptive father followed her to her room. Try to touch her to let her know that it will make her feel better. I pushed him away and he left.

The woman reported the abuse to Gardy in 2019 after a text conversation with Murray, when he asked her if they could come back again? I took it this means he was asking to have sex with her again.

At the time, he hadn’t raped her for several years but she was in the house and he was drinking so she was worried about entering her room.

At that point she decided that she had to disclose the abuse. She told her younger siblings, boyfriend at the time and then Gardy later.

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The man was arrested in December 2019 and did not comment during the interview. His wife later gave a statement to Gardaí saying that he had confessed to her that he had raped their adopted daughter.

The victim impact statement said the woman continued to reveal the ways in which the abuse affected her life and said she was harmed “in a way no human should.” “The abuse looks like a life sentence,” she said.

She said she came to the man’s house “craving love and acceptance.” She described how he started offending the man who asked her to lie to him and act like his “blanket” and how he made this behavior a “normal thing”.

I addressed Murray directly and said he used my “little body for your sexual gratification” and found it difficult to express the “excruciating pain” she experienced.

The woman said she “felt confused and ashamed” as she was trying, as a little girl, to make sense of what was happening.

“You were the child and you were the adult telling me it was a secret,” she continued, before adding that she felt completely alone and that “there is no safe place.”

She described feeling “trapped, helpless and afraid” and said she was too afraid to report the abuse because of what might happen to her younger brother and sister, who also lived in the foster home.

The woman said she had “cried myself to sleep” and said Murray would punish her with silence if she refused to allow him to rape her, causing her brothers to wonder what had happened.

She knew raising her voice would ruin her siblings’ lives, so she didn’t reveal the abuse until she was 21. She said the impact of the abuse on her was “more than I could ever have imagined.”

“It tore me apart. My teenage years were dark.” She described feeling numb and said she did not want to be “shy and embarrassed”.

The woman said her adoptive father “stole her identity” and “felt alienated.” The study found it “extremely challenging” due to “persistent flashbacks”.

“I stand before you as a survivor,” said the woman, before adding that she had missed a childhood and that her life had “turned into a living nightmare.”

“The abuse brought me nothing but shame,” she said before adding that she lacks self-esteem and suffers from depression.

She has been alive for 15 years, she said, “sometimes it just existed.”

“Today is the time for me to start living. “I am determined not to let this define me,” the woman concluded by stating her impact on the victim.

Ronan Monroe, toned down, said his client was “appropriately ashamed” of what he had done. He has started giving advice and “shows he’s willing to participate in discussing these matters.”

The lawyer said that his client’s working life and marriage are over. He lives reclusively because he is ashamed to see him locally and drinks about four pints a night to help him sleep.

Mr Monroe said there were concerns about his client’s mental health and asked the court to take into account that while he had made no admission to Gardaí, he had pleaded guilty and relieved his adopted daughter of the ordeal of the trial.

Additional evidence

Garda told the investigation Ms. Rowland that the woman first made a statement in July 2019 in which she said the abuse began when she was 11 and her adoptive father, who was lying on the sofa in their living room, asked her to lie down. Top of it is a “blanket”. Her younger siblings were also in the room at the time.

He then rubbed her waist and under her head before fondling her breasts and sexually assaulting her. She remembered that it was springtime and said she had just confirmed it.

She said that shortly thereafter, her adoptive father came to her bedroom at night and raped her. After that, he got up, put on his clothes, and left without saying anything to her. When I woke up the next morning, she was very confused and was behaving quite normally.

She said it happened again two or three days later and then said, until she was eighteen, “there wasn’t a week” he didn’t go into her bedroom and rape her. She told Garday that it happened four or five times a week. She said on several occasions that she was forced to have oral sex with him.

The woman told Gardy that after she received sex education at school, she realized that what was happening was wrong and that she feared what would happen to her and her siblings if the abuse surfaced.

She told Jardi that she had made her two brothers “spoiled with corruption” and want nothing. Her adoptive mother was not able to have children and she loved them.

She described how she went to bed during her younger sister’s Communion party at her home because she had a headache, but her adoptive father followed her to her room and tried to touch her, telling her it would make her feel better. She pushed him away and he got up and left but he didn’t talk to her for a few days.

On another occasion, he entered her bedroom and closed the door behind him before raping her. During the accident, her younger brother tried to enter her room and called her. I told him to wait a minute, then the guy got up and left.

She said Murray stopped raping her when she was 18. She had started a relationship at the time but one time, when she was home, he texted her asking “Can we again?” She took this to mean that he was asking if he could have sex with her again.

She answered “No” and he replied “No problem, sorry, I should have known, I just wish”. Later text her “Do you hate me for asking?”

She didn’t reply but since he was drinking at home that night, she was worried about entering her bedroom. That was when she decided to reveal the abuse to her siblings and boyfriend.

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