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Oncologist Glauto Tocuare Melo do Nascimento, 49, was buried under a heavy commotion on Saturday morning (14). Burial took place in São Jose Cemetery, Northern District of Teresina.


Staff at the Glauto Tuquarre Clinic give a salute – Photo: Lívia Ferreira / g1

Glauto’s body was laid to rest at a funeral home on Avenida Miguel Rosa, downtown Teresina. In the coffin, the River-PI flag stretched to represent Glauto’s love for the Piauí team. In addition, friends placed Styrofoam with a beer next to the body because the doctor, before his death, commented that he would like to serve beer in his wake, and not coffee, as is customary.

At about 11 a.m., family members, friends, staff, and patients of the doctor left in a procession to the cemetery. Burial took place at 11:30 a.m.

Awakening oncologist Glauto Tocoire Melo do Nascimento – Photo: Livia Ferreira/g1

“I thank him for being alive.”

Several people treated by Glauto participated in the festivities. One of them was Fernanda Pereira dos Santos, 53, who had been sick with Glauto’s disease for a year and two months, and who insisted on going into vigils to see him off. Fernanda was diagnosed with throat cancer. According to her, thanks to him, cancer is no longer a part of her life.

“The cancer was discovered and my son showed it to him, because my son is a physical education teacher. It was Glauto who told my son everything about how the treatment was going. First I thank God and second I thank Him for keeping him alive. he is a wonderful person. said the former patient.

Fernanda Pereira dos Santos, ex-patient of the doctor – Photo: Lívia Ferreira / g1

Fernanda said the doctor treated her for free many times. The last time she saw him was when Glauto told her he was healed.

“He was the one who told me I was cured. It was the last time I was with him. I cried a lot, a lot when I knew he passed away. It was my daughter-in-law who broke the news. To this day I can’t believe it. But it’s all in God’s time.” He commented: “Every something that God allows.”

Reagan Mendes, Glauto’s cousin, also spoke about the importance of the doctor in treating her sister who passed away. “She was a patient of Dr. Glauto. He was a very caring person for his patients. He always called, every day. He used to go to my house a lot looking for my sister who was special,” he recalls.

Release the corpse to wake up and burial

After Glauto’s death during the flight, the plane landed in Doha, the capital of Qatar, around 10:20 a.m. (Brasilia time), for the originally planned connection on the route. Piaui’s government, family and friends mobilized to help Glauto’s wife return the body to Brazil.

Glauto’s family was waiting for the report to transfer the doctor’s body to Brazil, but the Ramadan period in Qatar delayed the investigation. The doctor’s body arrived in the early hours of Saturday (14).

“I was so happy by your side” says the wife.

Seven days after her husband’s death, Publicist Lícia Dutra Tuquarre posted on social media To declare your love: “I was very happy by your side.”

In the letter, Lícia began writing about the last letter she had received from her husband and that she had not had time to respond. She said she’s seen how happy he is lately.

“‘I love you so much. I’m happy by your side’ was the last message you sent me. I’ve seen and heard how happy you have been over the past few days, past few months, past few years.”

Lesia wrote a letter to her husband, Glauto, who died last week on his way to the Maldives – Photo: clone

On May 2, the family and friends of Dr. Glauto Tocoire Melo do Nascimento gathered for the Seventh Day Mass. The mass was held in the Church of São José Operario, in the neighborhood of Villa Opera, in the northern district of Teresina.

During the homily, Father Washington, who presided over the ceremony, asked the family to have faith and receive the solidarity of all the people who loved the doctor.

Mass of the seventh day of Dr. Glauto Toquar in Teresina – Photo: Reproduction

“I know it’s not easy to go through with this, after such a beautiful moment that Glauto and his wife celebrated. We keep questioning ourselves, but we can’t find it, because our lives are God’s secrets. But we continue to hope, and believe, and trust,” said Father Washington. .

Oncologist Glauto has received many acclaim on social media from patients, staff and friends. The church was at its maximum capacity.

Oncologist Glauto Tokuar Melo – Photo: Disclosure

Born in Amazonas and a graduate of the Federal University of Piauí (UFPI), he was an oncologist.

He holds a master’s degree in bowel cancer and was a doctoral candidate in breast cancer recurrence (recurrence of the disease after the patient is considered cured).

An experienced professional, Glauto worked in Roraima and Maranhão, where he was also a professor at the State University, as well as Piauí.

Mother Teresinathe doctor was a member of a clinic and also taught in medical schools.

*Intern under the supervision of Laura Mora.

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