Bitcoin, Ethereum Price Prediction: Bill Gates Says Crypto Has No Value

Billionaire Bill Gates has declared that cryptocurrencies have “no valuable output” as analysts anticipate more “destruction” in the market. The price of major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have stabilized somewhat since last week’s crash. The market has so far managed to break out of an exciting week in the stock market, which saw … Read more

Stock markets under pressure: ‘Now the bubble is bursting’

Hs is 1999, and stock trading, especially technology stocks, do not know stop. From September 1998 to March 2000, the Nasdaq Tech Index rose 170 percent. No company is too expensive, no idea is too expensive. The stock market frenzy amid the internet crisis has resulted in many winners – and even more losers. Because … Read more

Warren Buffett’s $51 Billion Stock Market Shopping Spree: Here’s What He’s Buying

top line Billionaire investor Warren Buffett used the ongoing market sell-off as an opportunity to buy the dip and add several new key positions as his investment group, Berkshire Hathaway, posted tens of billions of dollars in stocks during the first quarter, according to new regulations. filings. The popular investor bought the dip in the … Read more