Google’s Russian subsidiary files for bankruptcy after bank account confiscation

A Google spokesperson said on Wednesday that the Russian subsidiary of Google intends to file for bankruptcy after authorities seized its bank account, making it impossible to continue operations. Alphabet Inc’s Google has been under pressure in Russia for months for failing to remove content Moscow considers illegal and to restrict access to some Russian … Read more

Nurses in Ukraine: We were warned that we could be hostages, beaten, raped | Life

In order to help overcome the challenges that the war posed to the Ukrainian medical system, two Lithuanian medical teams provided humanitarian assistance. Each group consisted of 12 individuals: 4 doctors and 8 nurses. The medical bus bound for Ukraine was accompanied by a tow truck. It was not only essential medicines and other supplies, … Read more

Russian soldier accused of war crimes pleads guilty: Ordered the killing of an unarmed man

Asked in court if he was guilty of charges such as premeditated murder and war crimes, Sergeant Vadim Shishimarin, 21, replied, “Yes.” The captured soldier is accused of killing a 62-year-old civilian in northeastern Ukraine in the early days of an attack by the Kremlin. Shchymarin, from the Irkutsk region of Siberia, sat in a … Read more

Arms shipments: Ukraine loses patience with Germany

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Aramco’s outperformance over Apple proves that investors still love oil

Aramco Saudi Arabia Newspaper headlines Last week it dumped Apple as the world’s most valuable company, with a market capitalization of $2.43 trillion as of last Wednesday. How did this happen in the age of big technology and the pariah oil industry? The answer to that is easy enough. Oil prices have been on a … Read more

Claire TD says Ukrainian refugees are being sent to scenic beauty spots

The Oireachtas commission heard that “Ukrainian refugees cannot be routed through Irish beauty spots”. Integration Minister Rodrik O’Gorman and his officials faced questions from the Oireachtas committee about the government’s response to the Ukrainian refugee crisis. Fianna Fáil TD Cathal Crowe, representing Claire, made a highly charged intervention to warn that his county was struggling … Read more

Column: Internal ban lifted, domestic demand expanded, yen depreciation curbed by two birds with one stone = Daisuke Karakama | Reuters

Daisuke Karakama Mizuho Bank Chief Market Economist [طوكيو 17]- When visiting Britain in May, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida mentioned a policy to ease Corona measures as part of the gradual review of Corona measures regarding border measures that are ridiculed as “isolated countries” that are heavily criticized by the corporate community. During his visit to … Read more

The couple asked Dunedin to stop sending money to Ukraine via Eftpos

Tom Match reports near where most of the fighting is taking place on the Ukraine-Russia border. Video / Tom Match Dunedin’s Ukrainian owners are in desperate need of a cheap and fast way to transfer money home after they were banned from using an Eftpos machine in their store. Sergei Gumenzhuk, co-owner of Look Good … Read more

The war between Russia and Ukraine: McDonald’s sells business to Russia and gets out of the country

Globalism May 16, 2022 10:13 pm4 minutes to read Finland is preparing to join NATO, violating its long-standing policy of neutrality. Video / ABC McDonald’s is closing its doors in Russia, ending an era of optimism and increasing the country’s isolation over its war in Ukraine. The Chicago burger giant has confirmed that it sells … Read more