Russia: 850 McDonald’s branches sold – the ministry is looking for a new name – Economy

PERFECT BURGER DEAL: US fast food company McDonald’s announced Thursday that nearly 850 branches in Russia It will be sold to Russian licensee Alexander Govor. At first there was silence about the financial details. Govor already owned 25 stores in Siberia before McDonald’s withdrew from Russia. And now we should give burger shops across the … Read more

Can Russia actually find other buyers if the EU goes ahead with an oil embargo?

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak has warned that Russia is ready to send any supplies rejected by European countries to other regions such as Asia, if the European Union imposes an oil embargo. He said Europe, which depends on Russia for about a quarter of its crude oil imports, will have to find alternative … Read more

More eastbound Russian oil pressures Iran crude sales to China | Oil and gas news

Iran’s crude oil exports to China have fallen sharply since the start of the Ukraine war as Beijing favored heavily discounted Russian barrels, leaving nearly 40 million barrels of Iranian oil stashed on tankers at sea in Asia and looking for buyers. US and European sanctions imposed over Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24 … Read more

Why investors should pay close attention to the disappearance of the spread of WTI and Brent crude

The average investor might not think much about the oil price differential between WTI (West Texas Intermediate) and Brent crude, which is usually just $2 a barrel – but the difference is actually vital, and one that every oil is potential. The investor needs to understand. To be fair, the price of WTI should be … Read more

How will the UK’s 35% tariffs on Russian platinum and palladium affect the markets

The United Kingdom recently imposed a duty of 35% on all imports of platinum and palladium from Russia and Belarus. The move is part of a new package of sanctions on the two countries totaling 1.7 billion pounds ($1.7 billion). The Department for International Trade (DIT) and the UK Treasury (HM) made the announcement on … Read more

War in Ukraine: McDonald’s sells Russian branches to Alexander Juffeur – Economy

‘BigWeg’ done deal – the only question left was who would get 850 Russian branches of McDonald’s after the American burger giant pulled out. The response came on Thursday (May 19). Since McDonald’s has found a buyer from its own ranks: it is Alexander Govor, who has been licensed since 2015 and has already operated … Read more

Schulz: “There will be no peace for granted because the Ukrainians do not accept it and neither do we”

Deutschland Government statement from Olaf Schultz “There will be no imposed peace because the Ukrainians will not accept it and neither will we.” Status: 11:09 am | Reading time: 3 minutes “Helping a country under brutal attack is not an escalation.” Chancellor Olaf Schultz defended the delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine against criticism from … Read more

Chancellor Schultz explains his Ukraine policy: Government direct statement – Domestic Policy

Government announcement in the Bundestag – we hope that Counselor Olaf Schultz (Social Democratic Party) Finally a clear text about it ukraine politics He speaks! The reason for the 20-minute statement is the special European summit that will be held in Brussels at the end of May to deal with the current situation surrounding the … Read more

Google’s Russian subsidiary files for bankruptcy after bank account confiscation

A Google spokesperson said on Wednesday that the Russian subsidiary of Google intends to file for bankruptcy after authorities seized its bank account, making it impossible to continue operations. Alphabet Inc’s Google has been under pressure in Russia for months for failing to remove content Moscow considers illegal and to restrict access to some Russian … Read more

Russia fights sanctions: Uncle Vanya instead of McDonald’s, Fancy instead of Fanta – Politics abroad

This is where you will find content from social networks In order to interact with or view content from social networks, we need your consent. Activate social networks The Russian people should not have to do without their beloved soft drink … Because of the bloody attack on Ukraine Russia has been hit by a … Read more