How Fred Shipista Goes From Pizza Hut To Castle Millionaire

The founder of an Australian tech giant has spoken about his path to success, turning from Pizza Hut call center operator into a millionaire. The multi-millionaire founder of the tech giant Finder has opened up his path to success and how he went from Pizza Hut call center operator to one of Australia’s most successful … Read more

Metricon emails customers amid fears of construction collapse

An email sent to Metricon customers yesterday revealed just how dismayed Australians were at rumors of the construction giant’s collapse. Metricon hurriedly emailed customers Thursday in a desperate attempt to allay fears of a looming new construction collapse. For days, concern has been mounting that Australia’s largest construction company was on the verge of collapse, … Read more

2022 Mercedes-Benz Vision AMG Concept revealed

The German luxury brand has revealed its futuristic vision for its performance vehicle range with the eye-catching new electric car concept. The heavy cloth cover slides across the floor, revealing a long, low, and beautiful-looking four-door coupe. “This vehicle showcases the next generation, all-electric future of AMG,” said Jordan Wagner, Head of Design at Mercedes-Benz. … Read more

The Metricon Collapse: Byzantine’s roller coaster as the homebuilding crisis deepens

Mario Biasin, founder of Metricon, opened up on the “roller coaster” of the struggles plaguing his company months before his untimely death this week. Metricon founder Mario Biasin shared insights into the challenges facing the industry two years before his untimely passing this week. Mr Biasin died unexpectedly on Monday at the age of 71, … Read more

Amber Heard remains under investigation in Australia for perjury over dog disaster

Amber Heard is still under investigation in Australia for perjury after illegally bringing her dogs into the country seven years ago. Authorities recently confirmed that she is fighting her ex-husband in Virginia court, and Amber Heard is still under investigation for perjury in Australia for illegally bringing her and Johnny Depp’s dogs into the country. … Read more

Mr. Universe Injury: Callum von Mauger has been spotted after sustaining a serious spinal injury during a fall

Australia’s former Mr. Universe, Callum von Mauger, has been spotted after sustaining serious spinal injuries while falling from a second-floor window. Australian actor and former Mr. Universe, Callum von Mauger, was seen walking unaided after falling from a second-floor window and sustaining spinal injuries. Von Moger, dubbed Arnold 2.0 and best known for his portrayal … Read more

Ryan Gosling will move to Australia to shoot The Fall Guy in Sydney, New South Wales

Famous Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling will be spending a lot of time in Down Under soon. Ryan Gosling is temporarily moving down. The Canadian actor, 41, is starring in a new movie, ScapegoatIt is expected to be filmed in both Sydney and rural New South Wales later this year. The film is based on the … Read more

Johnny Depp’s longtime agent testifies against him: ‘He has underlying issues with anger’

Johnny Depp’s former agent told the court that the star was a tough client and lodged complaints that prompted her to fly to Australia for “talks” with him. Johnny Depp’s longtime agent told the court that the star was a very “difficult” client with “fundamental anger issues” and made multiple complaints from film crews about … Read more

Australian stock markets wrap up: ASX 200 plunge after Target loses billions on Wall Street

The Australian stock market has done little to recover after losing billions of dollars on Thursday morning, with retail stocks plummeting. The Australian stock market took a cue from a nightly bloodbath on Wall Street and pulled back on Thursday to erase much of the progress made over the previous four sessions. The benchmark ASX … Read more

How to Satisfy a Woman is a cheeky and cheerful movie about female desire

There is a certain audience out there who will know exactly what this new movie is trying to achieve. How to Satisfy a Woman is a prime example of a film that knows exactly who its audience is, and goes into everything to satisfy their needs. why not? Everyone wants to see their experiences reflected … Read more