Nudists Demand a New Beach: Want a Place in the Center?


Citizens who want to relax completely nude ask to have another beach, although there are already nude beaches in Giruliai and Smilten. However, it is too small for nudists and goes far, so the municipality of Klaipeda received a request to install a green beach in Millerraj, reducing the women’s beach.

Want a place in the center?

Nudists not only attack the municipality, but also collect signatures after the petition.

A total of 123 nudist supporters have signed off on the proposal to install a third nudist beach.

The authors of the petition asserted that the municipalities of Klaipeda require the construction of a nudist beach in Milnaraghi, since there is only one beach in Girolyai, 200 meters long, across the beaches of Milnaraghi and Girolyai.

“In the past summer seasons, the nudist beach was constantly crowded with vacationers, and sometimes there were no places to lie down, so there is a need to increase the nudist beach in Girolyai or install a nudist beach in Millerraj,” the text of the petition.

The authors of the application admit that it is impossible to make Nirist Beach in Giruliai larger.

“Because the territory of the Klaipeda county begins in the north, and a plot of the Giruliai slope has already been formed from the south. The length of the beaches of Melnraj and Giruliai is two and four times.

The authors of the initiative emphasized that Giruliai’s nudist beach is 200 meters long, the Women’s Beach in First Melnrage is 500 meters long, and the Women’s Beach in Second Melnrage is 300 meters long.

He frankly suggested: “It is proposed to reorganize the women’s beach at First Melnrage, at 500 meters, and to provide a 200-meter beach for a nudist beach.”

Freedom: Proponents of nude comfort feel pushed to the edge or even off the beaches – nudists want a beach in the central part of the beaches. Scanpix image

New places for nudists

Nudists have confirmed that there are as many as four beaches for women in Klaipeda – two in Milenraj and two in Smilten, while there are only nudist beaches in Giruliai and Smilten.

“In addition, women’s beaches are longer than nudist beaches. In recent years, the number of vacationers at Giruliai Beach for nudists has been much greater than women’s beaches in Melnrage. On November 15, 2021, the letter from the department states that the current place said Representatives of the nudist community The planning documents provide for the possibility of establishing a nudist beach in Millerraj.

The initiators of the petition are convinced that nudity is becoming more and more common among Lithuanian citizens, every year nudist beaches are more and more visited, and new official places are opened.

“Valakampiai Nudist Beach in Vilnius by the Neris River was opened in 2020. The nudist beach of Mariambolo in Mariambolo near the Mariambulo pond was opened in 2021. Joodkranto beach was opened for nudists in 2021. On December 22, 2021, the Palanga City Council in Palanga” , places where clothes can be dropped freely have been named by nudists.

Bitch tables at night

Have the rights of nudists really been violated on coastal beaches?

Olegas Mariničius, head of the budget institution “Klaipėdos beaches”, emphasized that nudists, of course, have the right to apply, but it would not be appropriate to claim lands in the central parts of the beaches.

“There are two beaches to them. The areas are remote. If they are not suitable for the mainland, why not ask for an increase in the beach in Smiltyne? There is a place, a remote area, the beach would be easy to expand. Go, you want to go to the center, under your nose,” shared O. Mariničius conjecture.

O. Mariničius recalled the story when the boundaries of the women’s beach were changed.

Following the instructions, lifeguards moved the tables defining the boundaries of this beach to a new location.

“Can you imagine what happened? The local community of Milnerajiskus used to walk along the dunes to the communal beach. One day the men were walking down the boardwalk, surrounded by naked women.” It was almost a night before I went again to move the tables to the old place,” O. Mariničius recalls.

Given this story, the head of the foundation and lifeguards at Klaipeda beaches will not support the beach movement of nudists.

“Well, you can’t make yourself comfortable by making things worse. You don’t want to go too far? Why should others?” wondered O. Mariničius.

The head of the “Claypidos Beaches” Foundation confirmed that the public beaches and their boundaries in the area managed by the coastal city’s municipality have been approved by the city council.

“There are detailed plans, a general outline of the city, after all, it is not that you wrote the letter to Klaipeda Beaches, and everything will be a beach.


Oleg Marinius. Photo by Vitotas Liaudanskis

Attacking officials?

Klaipeda municipality employees also testified that they had received requests from two women to expand the beach.

“I don’t know why women don’t go to a women’s beach, but they want a nudist beach. I won’t go into it. How is a nudist beach different from a women’s and men’s beach? Just being together? I don’t know who needs it. I can’t understand”, shook O. Mariničius .

I don’t know who needs it. I’m not naked myself, I can’t understand it.

The president of Klaipėda Beaches expected that attempts to narrow the women’s beach would begin as soon as possible – as conflicts were guaranteed.

O. Mariničius laughed, “Just try to push the boundaries of the women’s beach. Here you will start such things, there will be a lot of petitions that will be frightening. We already have experience.”

After the storms – losses

The budget men of the Claypodos Shores Foundation had many worries after this winter before the start of the summer season.

Especially severe storms this winter in Malik, Franklin, June and Gerhild have done so badly damage to the beaches that cliffs several meters high have formed in some of the sand dunes.

Even Environment Minister Simon Gentville and accompanying officials rushed to the seashore to learn the consequences of the natural disaster at the time. But it turns out that when the Claypodos Beaches Foundation asked for money to run the beaches, the capital’s officials turned their backs on the lifeguards.

He added, “We calculated the losses. The municipalities of the Klaipeda region submitted a joint letter to the Ministry of Environment regarding compensation for losses, and the answer was no.”

It turned out that the rescuers themselves restored damaged water supply routes, repaired changing cabins, painted benches.

“At least we have a contractor to repair the broken corridors and staircases. But the prices have all gone up. It is not clear how the municipality will be able to increase the budget. O. Mariničius praised.

The season will start in June

The lifeguards are already assembling the teams, the guys are training and waiting for the start of the season. A total of 12 seaside centers will open in June and 70 lifeguards will be on duty.

Five bathrooms, seven water fountains and eleven toilets will be ready for use at the start of the season.

“We have repaired the water supply system that was destroyed by the storms. As much as we can and rebuild it, we will not be able to repair the site in Giruliai at the moment. We have an observation post, the work will not be affected and because of that,” Marinhos emphasized.

This year, instead of buying the services of contractors, the lifeguards bought the lumber themselves and made it with their own hands.

“The situation is that you are not going to get much money from somewhere. For now, we will take care of it ourselves. The year is not easy, so we have to think. The stairs belong to the Curonian Spit National Park.

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