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Adam Reynolds’ masterful lesson led the Broncos to a stunning 38-0 victory over Manley in front of 40,267 fans at SunCorp Stadium on Friday night.

Broncos #7 made two attempts at Selwyn Kubo with set kicks and scored one of his goals as Kevin Walters’ men scored four wins on the trot.

Reynolds set the tone for the night when he threw the ball clean to Tom Trbojevic with a kick-off to get the ball back for his team and two minutes later set up Koppo for the opening game attempt.

The Marine Eagles launched their own air raid in the 14th minute when Tom Trbojevic flew high to drop Kieran Foran’s bomb and looked sure to score but Billy Walters’ desperate defense prevented the star defender.

Reynolds puts it on a plate for Kubo

Walters then moved on to life on the offensive end, blasting off a fake half and darting into goal before being blocked by Jake Trbojevic and a subsequent 8-0 penalty kick to Brisbane.

The Broncos appeared to have extended their lead in the 33rd minute when Kurt Capwell crossed but Tyson Gamble’s pass was denied to the front.

Gamble made a massive one-to-one play to give Brisbane a late point chance and Reynolds made a magical chip-and-hunt shot in an effort to make the score 14-0 at the break.

It took Reynolds just five minutes into the second half to put in another attempt for Kubo with a superb cross-kick.

Kubo completed the first hat-trick of his career when he pounced on an interception and ran a long distance to make it 26-0 to Brisbane.

Reynolds and Kubo reunite

Corey Oates next took part in the action when he finished a move marked in good hands by Reynolds, T. Meyer Martin, and Herbie Farnworth.

With six minutes left in the game, Oates put the finishing touches to winning his 107th attempt of his career thanks to an inside ball from Gamble.

Trying their best, the Marine Eagles couldn’t break a resolute Broncos defense that had only conceded 33 points from their four-game winning streak.

Injuries to Tom Trbojevic (knee) and Ben Trbojevic (shoulder) compounded Manley’s woes one night when too little was right for Des Hassler’s men.

match shot

  • The sea eagles did not enter the 20-meter area of ​​Bronco until the 27th minute.
  • The Broncos’ first-half dominance (61 per cent possession) was reflected in the stats as three of their attackers ran over 100m – Bain Haas (102), Corey Jensen (107) and Pat Carrigan (157).
  • The last time the Broncos won four games in a row was in 2017 when they tied together six games in the jump between Rounds 6-11.
  • Lachlan Crocker and Jake Trbojevic did their best to keep Manley in the game with the power of defensive work, making 104 tackles between them.
  • Broncos wingers Selwyn Kubo and Corey Oates combined for five attempts and 455 meters to run.

Kobo goes 100 meters for third

  • Manley’s striker was put on the bench, Toafuvua Sibley in the report for a dangerous tackle in the 59th minute.
  • The Sea Eagles have defeated Suncorp’s Broncos only twice in the past nine encounters.
  • Five of the Broncos’ forwards scored over the 100m while none of Manley’s forwards managed to reach the triple figure.
  • Manley won Brisbane 50-6 at Suncorp at the Magic Round last year.
  • The last time Manley went goalless was the 2013 playoff final against the Roosters (4-0).

Oates got double

play the game

Adam Reynolds sent the crowd at Suncorp Stadium into a frenzy with a chip over the top and they recovered in the 37th minute to take his side’s lead to 14 points. After making his 10th assist attempt of the season early in the game, Reynolds took complete control of the competition and put the ice in the dominant first half with his magical one-on-one attempt. Looking proudly from the sideline the King of the Chip and pursues himself, Alan Langer, in his role as Broncos coach.

Reynolds with the chip, chased and tried

What did they say

“The big shift for us was the attitude towards our defence. It’s great to see. Just the players’ behavior and their toughness to change what was already happening. [last year]. You can talk about things and try to do them but the actual change has to come from within. It takes a lot of energy in defense to do what they’re doing and you have to be fit… For the first time in the club’s history we had two players [Reynolds and Capewell] From the grand final last year he joined us so they have a lot of match experience, they know how to do things and it affects everyone.” Broncos coach Kevin Walters

Broncos: Round 10

“We couldn’t keep the ball at first and then when we got it we were definitely not at our best. We were a little bit all over the place to be fair so we had a little bit of work to do there and that’s going to be worked on this week without a doubt but the most frustrating part And what we need to work on the most is our defence.” – Captain Sea Eagles Daley Sherry Evans

Sea Eagles: Round 10

What’s Next

The Sea Eagles face arch rival Parramatta on Friday night at Companque Stadium. Josh Schuster is expected to return from a calf injury that kept him out of tonight’s game.

The Broncos head to Newcastle to face the Knights and will be chasing a repeat of their 35-22 victory over Adam O’Brien’s men in the final round of 2021.

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