Madeleine Sagstrom opened with 63 points to lead one shot in the Founders’ Cup | golf news


Sagstrom beats Megan Kang by one shot after the first round, while Japan’s NASA Hataoka is third after 7-under 65; Watch the Cognizant Founders Cup this week, live on Sky Sports Golf

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Madeleine Sagstrom launched a ghost-free tour with nine birds


Sweden’s Madeleine Sagstrom scored a 9-under 63 to snatch the first-round lead at the Cognizant Founders Cup on Thursday in Clifton, New Jersey.

Sagstrom flew the first four holes, rolled on three more holes in a row at 12-14 and finished the round with nine birdies and no ghost at Upper Montclair Country Club. That was enough to give Meghan Khan a single shot.

Sagstrom, 29, has one LPGA Tour title to her name and has been striving for her best result since she finished second at the 2021 British Women’s Open.

“It was one of those days,” she said. “Like, everything was easy.” β€œIt’s like I was hitting the fairways, hitting the greens, and I was making all the hits. And the hole kept growing.

“I told the canister, Shane, I was like, ‘You know, everything looks like it clicked today.'” You just (keep) trying to hold on to the momentum and keep it going.”

Khang began her tour on her nine back, and picked up four birds there and four sparrows in front.

“I definitely knew the scores were there,” said Khang. “But at the same time, like, you can’t put pressure on them. I mean, these greens roll so smoothly that you’re just trying not to put yourself in a situation where you have to be a little bit defensive.”

Japan’s Nasa Hataoka came third after 7-under-65. Hataoka clocked an eagle in the class 5 seconds and added five birds while remaining free of ghosting.

β€œI was 15 out of 18 for greens, and that helped carry that momentum to have more sparrows with me,” said Hataoka.

Three players tied for fourth place after scoring 66 goals: Filipino Bianca Bagdanganan, Italian Julia Molinaro and Emi Yang from South Korea.

Lexi Thompson was part of the seven-way tie to finish seventh in the under-5. I scored six birds in the lead nine for six under the 30’s that came out before quitting with two ghosts and a bird on its back.

Sixteen-year-old Anna Davis is in a position to make the 36-hole cut after taking a 2-under-70 on Thursday.

Davis, who last month won the Augusta Women’s National Amateur, took the cut in her first LPGA Tour last month at Palos Verdes.

Davis also made an Eagle 3 on the second hole.

“It was very solid,” Davis said. “It was the most obvious eagle you could have. It was like the right track, he took a really good shot in the green, like 5ft, and then he worked it out.”

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