Jurgen Klopp becomes immortal, but the best can come to Liverpool


This Liverpool team will have stories to tell one day. And when these tales are spoken loudly and proudly in the coming years, May 2022 may be as memorable as any other month.

Halfway through, it’s shaping up to be some of the greatest few weeks we’ve ever seen, even at a club as decorated and revered as the one at Anfield.

For the third time since late February, Wembley shook Liverpool sound. One kiss is all it takes, and under all the lights, they’re happy that Jurgen is red. What a wonderful journey this team has taken with their fans this season. And an idea, maybe he’d better come in Paris on May 28 with a seventh European Cup chase.

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Since reaching the Carabao Cup final in January, Jurgen Klopp and his players have had an uncomfortable millstone hanging around their necks. They may not have felt it as they fought their way towards the edge of a hat-trick while still in contention for the Premier League title until recent days, but these months have been crucial.

After all, for all the garlands that have been so well-deservedly placed at their feet in recent years, more success was needed – so goes the argument, right or wrong – for them to be counted as one of the famous teams in the history of English football.

Klopp insisted just a few weeks ago that awards would not limit his time here, and given the heroic role this charismatic German played in revitalizing, rebuilding and reasserting Liverpool FC as one of the planet’s true giants, that is only fair. An assessment of those who witnessed the revolution directly since October 2015.

It was a theory he reiterated this week, saying, “If we’re all only happy when we really win at the end when your race is over, what’s life like? When I say ‘enjoy the ride’ I mean it. Enjoy the ride as there were so many great moments already.”

This simple directive is certainly adhered to; They are enjoying this particular trip perhaps more than ever.

But at the end of the day, it is the collection of silverware that will define Klopp’s legacy to those outside the Liverpool bubble in the years to come. So winning the FA Cup for the eighth time means in the grand scheme of things more than just the person to whom the trophies were handed out in 2022.

Klopp made five changes in the team that beat Aston Villa on Tuesday, with captain Jordan Henderson stepping in to replace Fabinho and returning Andy Robertson alongside Mohamed Salah, Thiago Alcantara and Ibrahima Konate.

Outstanding Luis Diaz He started as a fast train and sent in two dangerous crosses in the first five minutes before being pummeled by Edward Mendy after being pushed away by a superb pass from Trent Alexander-Arnold.

Liverpool shook shortly after the half hour mark when Salah was forced to flee due to his injury After going down near the central circle. Diogo Jota was sent into place below the right of the front three.

This is the second time that Salah has unfortunately had to withdraw due to injury during a major final, and the irony is that it now puts the chances of his personal howling story against Real Madrid in the Champions League in grave danger.

Salah’s replacement had a great opportunity to break the deadlock at the end of the first half but Jota could only guide Andy Robertson’s gentle pass over the outside bar with his foot.

With 20 minutes of original time remaining, Klopp sent on James Milner for Naby Keita and Liverpool’s best chances took place in quick succession. First, Diaz shook off the post before a stunning front-to-rear break that included Alexander-Arnold, Thiago Alcantara and Milner, and ended with Robertson firing the ball into the post. It was, in a sense, the best move of the match and he deserved to win.

It was the first goalless 90 minutes in an FA Cup Final since 2007, and Klopp sent Joel Matip in place of Virgil van Dijk after another half hour. Roberto Firmino was called up for a tired Diaz after eight minutes of extra time as Jota moved to the right.

The Brazil international was clearly not even close to 100% after a recent foot injury and neither side were able to make anything of it in the final stages as they settled for another dramatic shootout encounter.

After Mason Mount missed the match score 5-5, it was left to Costas Tsimekas, instead of Robertson in overtime, to score with the decisive kick. It was settled by the Greek Scocer For thousands of real pants behind him. In the unbelievably high season, this was the peak.

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Even Paris, when you can take it to a whole new level at the Stade de France.

Whether he wants to admit it or not, Klopp is now playing to embellish Liverpool’s legacy. To ensure that his time at Anfield is referred to as a dynasty that can be compared to the finest eras that have gone before, without the aid of exaggeration or the prejudices of modernity.

Events between June 2019 and July 2022 – when Liverpool won the Champions League, the Club World Cup and the Premier League – have cemented Klopp long as a Merseyside legend, and he will remain the most talisman since Sir Kenny Dalglish in the 1980s surely one day immortalized. outside Anfield with a statue in his honor.

But after signing a new contract just over two weeks ago, the next four years give him the chance to put together the kind of brilliance group we haven’t seen at this club in decades. He should certainly bring a rare kind of serenity to Klopp knowing that the goal of the game from now on is simply to make the Honor Roll which is now six times in as many years.

Klopp could add the FA Cup to his collection, making him the first manager to win the League Cup, FA Cup, European Cup and League Championship at Anfield. In fairness, the German can still do all of that before the end of this month, like the times. Add to that the fact that he is the only Reds coach to lift the Club World Cup and we are talking about a coach whose name belongs in the conversation of all-time Liverpool greats.

And with the biggest club football match coming up in Paris in a fortnight, what an idea the elite coach on the planet, who owns one of the most enviable football teams, must have. These times are simply what you should enjoy.

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