In Macronie, Catherine Vautrin’s Matignon hypothesis gets trouble


The name of Grand Reims chief has appeared regularly in recent days to succeed Jean Castex.

Mystery remains within the executive branch. It has been nearly three weeks since Emmanuel Macron’s re-election and one week since his re-election as President of the Republic. As current Prime Minister Jan Castix enjoys his final days as head of government, the name of the future tenant, and most likely future landowner, Matignon is long overdue.

Elizabeth Bourne, Valerie Letard, Marisol Touraine… Among the regularly cited names for the position in recent days, one spring is more and more common: that of Catherine Vautrin.

It’s the Raffarin equivalent.

President of Reims Grand, she was a minister in the government of Jean-Pierre Raffarin and then Dominique de Villepin. LR deputy and vice-president of the National Assembly from 2008 and 2017, her biography could correspond to the portrait of a robot painted by Emmanuel Macron on April 27, it is reported. Paris.

“I will appoint a person related to the social, environmental and production issue,” the President of the Republic declared at that time.

“She’s an excellently elected, she’s been a minister three times, she knows the field by heart,” one of her supporters boasted to BFMTV. “It is the equivalent of Raffarin,” he even refers to a close friend of the head of state.

“Very right and marriage for all”

However, the hypothesis surprises more than one among the supporters of felines: “Productive, yes, social, why not, but ecological?” Several of them specifically mention his opposition to Marriage for All in 2013, his participation in demonstrations or his being named in the Pygmalion case.

“Strategically surprising, I hope they have Storytelling Ready. It’s totally right and marriage is for everyone… We’ll face it,” worries a BFMTV consultant.

Some see the influence of Nicolas Sarkozy. A government source notes: “It’s a girl from Sarko.” Catherine Vautrin is one of the local elected officials who have been consulted for legislative nominations as Hubert Falco, Christian Estrosi or Caroline Cayeux.

“She was already in the process of forming her government but within the great historical channel, no one was contacted,” lamented, passing, small hand.

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