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For eight years now, Elizabeth Olsen She played Wanda Maximov in Marvel Cinematic Universe From a morally ambiguous villain, to a complex hero, to a grieving widow, and back again. Now she’s back Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness As the Scarlet Witch, a being of immense power is caught up in an arc-edged adventure of reality with Benedict CumberbatchMaster of Mysterious Arts and Benedict WongSami magician, Wong.

Olsen stopped before Empire Podcast To talk about her role in it Sam Raimisequel – but, given the ultra-secret nature of MCU And fear spoilers, the conversation turned into an extended look at Olsen’s journey through the Marvel saga so far, from her first appearance in the post-credits sequence. Captain America: The Winter Soldier To an emotional rollercoaster WandaVision. listening to full interview on Empire Podcast hereand read a revised version below.


Empire: Here we are, eight or nine years after you first signed that little inscription at the end of Captain America: The Winter SoldierStill, Wanda plays in all its intricacies. The way it has evolved should come as a surprise to you.

Elizabeth Olsen: what a surprise. I mean, I also haven’t signed a major contract with Marvel, so I still get surprised every time they use me. I wasn’t a title character, so you don’t do the same contract with multiple movies. You only do a little at a time. I wasn’t actually put in this situation, so it was even more surprising when Kevin asked me to do it WandaVision. It was so intimidating because I felt so comfortable taking my little space, my little lane, in this set of movies. The leader pressure only hit me when we were pushing for it, not when we were making it. It’s definitely a different feeling than it started out with.

Sam Jackson signed nine movies, Ruffalo signed nine… Wasn’t it something like that?

No, nothing like that.

Were you doing the last couple for free?

Yes, exactly. “Oh, we don’t need a contract! I am glad to be here.”

“I trust you guys!” It’s a buy one get one free mode. But it does mean that you have the power to say no. It was Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness presented to you at the same time WandaVision? “Let’s do WandaVisionAnd then you’ll go straight to this?”

Yeah. But they didn’t know what Dr. Gharib Will be. They knew what WandaVision Will be. We had six months off when we were filming WandaVisionBecause of the epidemic, it’s been two weeks before I come back to the end WandaVision orally explained Dr. Gharib plot. So, I was like, ‘Oh, wow! I would have loved this info before we do WandaVision“. [laughs] But here’s the thing, when people think our lips are closed not wanting to reveal the future – we don’t I know the future. There’s really nothing I can share, because I found out two weeks or a month before the thing was shot.

Wonderful. She’s changed a lot since her original debut with Scott Derrickson a few years ago. Is it fundamentally different from what was proposed at the time?

no. I never knew previous iterations of this story. Even people were talking to me on set, explaining, “Oh, well, you know how it was before…” I didn’t know anything until this story became more or less. I still don’t really know what it was before. They tried to explain it to me, and it just crosses my head. [laughs]

The multiverse offers everyone on the staff a chance to play different versions of these characters that you’ve been playing for a long time. This should be an interesting and unique opportunity to give the characters a different twist.

Well, you’re entering an area that’s starting to scare me because you’re actually talking about the movie. So I’m going to spin an axis and say, I think it’s really exciting that the multiverse exists. Because how often are we in this space, “I wonder, what would it have been, if I had made a different decision, or a different choice?” And so I think there’s this infinite opportunity that Marvel created by opening up the multiverse. This is so much fun for me as an actor too.

Beautifully done. Well let’s talk about something we can talk about, which is your past like Wanda and what it’s like being consistent in all these different iterations – all the time Omar Ultronand the films I made with the Rousseau brothers, then Jacques Scheffer and Matt Shucman WandaVisionAnd now with Sam Raimi. The hardest is you. How involved have you been over the years in forming Wanda and where is it going?

[I was] Implicated in the sense of where they would ask me, “Do you have any ideas about where you want to go next?” This is how she participated in previous films. I didn’t have much to promote. I was so happy to be there, and always have something to play with. I never felt like I didn’t have a bow to play with. So I was just thankful that I was one of the characters who got that, or did something that affected the movie — which, you know, doesn’t have to be the case all the time, and that was for me.

With WandaVisionJack sure wanted to work with me – she wanted to pick my brain, but the truth was, she already knew everything. I already understood everything that was played. Paul and I would create these little moments between movies where we assumed something had happened, or I would create some kind of background in my mind from her childhood that led to what it was. And Jack felt it, he saw it. I don’t know how guessed it. I put it in WandaVisionAll those little moments we had together. Then, too, she created some really big things that changed, like Darkhold and the idea that Wanda is actually a mythical person with a destiny assigned to her. This is a whole new journey after we got on with the character, and I was so thankful that she was also able to explain all of this from the past, and then present a great opportunity forward.


WandaVision It was an opportunity for you to expand in multiple ways – shooting in front of a live studio audience, this very comical atmosphere. But at the same time, this is truly a deep and complex exploration of mental health, grief, and loss. The last conversation Wanda had with Vision was very heartbreaking. Playing this stuff should be really fun for you.

It was a stadium, it was really that show. My whole body woke up to having to play all the different tones, styles, and genres – mostly sitcoms, but different versions of sitcoms over the years. And then get something grounded. I mean, it was really a gift from a job. We also had fun making it. There is a theory that the strong are the ones who succeed well or end up being successful, the ones that are hard to make. And this was, like, really fun, and it had a kind of shock response to all of us. I really feel it has revitalized something in my own opportunities outside of Marvel. There are so many levels I’m grateful for this show, and for being a part of the MCU.

That shot where we see you first winter soldierWhere did you play with the box – how much did you deal with who Wanda was for that? Because that was only supposed to be one day.

I mean, it’s seriously self-made by Gus. She was really out of his mind. He had an idea of ​​how she was physically moving which was explained by the choreographer. He created something unique to the MCU at the time. He didn’t want to create a version of the comics – he wanted to create something that was next door, and we’ve since moved closer to the comics. This has been a wonderful trip. Since he gave it to me UltronI just took it with me, I feel. I feel very protective of Wanda. It’s also amazing that it’s not a character we’ve seen in any other live action of these superheroes. So it seems very personal.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

It’s wild, isn’t it? Just on that specific day, doing those hand gestures that get you into the decisions you make seven or eight years later.

I mean, yeah, we got locked up WandaVision Only at that moment do you see the light. It was directly related to this inscription. So it was amazing to bring that back, too.

listening to Full interview with Elizabeth Olsen on Empire Podcast – New episodes of it are released weekly on Friday. Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness is now available in cinemas.

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