Dalma’s firm response to honoring Diego Maradona


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Dalma Maradona has explained why she believes she was not invited to the Martín Fierro Awards to receive the tribute she would give to her deceased father, Diego Maradona.

While, Dalma Maradona is my opinion: “Needless to say, knowing who organizes it, we will never be invited!!”in a clear reference to the differences between him and the president of APTRA, Louis Ventura. But he completed his layoff “Don’t worry. We will be well represented by the person who was invited and I think it’s perfect! We don’t all have to go anywhere all the time!”referring to his half-brother Digitto Fernando.

The person who will be attending the 50th Martin Fierro Awards this Sunday is none other than her mother, Claudia Villavanat the special invitation of Telephone, the channel that will broadcast the most important party on Argentine television. It happens that the ex-wife Diego MaradonaIn addition to having projects with the channel this year, he is considered a champion MasterChef CelebrityOne of the programs nominated for a gold medal.

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Claudia Villavini is one of the guests from Telefe at the Martín Fierro Awards this Sunday.  & nbsp;

Claudia Villavini is one of Telefe’s guests at the Martín Fierro Awards on Sunday.

Martin Fierro Awards 2022: The big tribute to Diego Maradona

After two years of forced interruption due to the Corona virus pandemic that has affected the entire world, this Sunday, May 15th, the great festival of radio and television returns, along with a handover ceremony Martin Fierro Awards Which will feature highlights of the 2021 Open TV production, with Telefe broadcasting from 7:30 p.m. This is why there are so many expectations, just as more than a few surprises are to be expected.

Like every year, the environment characters who died are always remembered through an honest reminder video. But in the last hours, it was learned that the members of APTRA (Association of Argentine Television and Radio Journalists) also decided to pay tribute to Diego Maradonawho died on November 25, 2020, amid the spread of the epidemic.

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It will be the figure of Diego Maradona honored at the Martín Fierro Awards.  That would be Dieguito Fernando, not Gianinna and Dalma Maradona, who receives tribute on behalf of his deceased father.  & nbsp;

Diego Maradona will be honored at the Martín Fierro Awards. It will be Digitto Fernando, not Giannina and Dalma Maradona, who will receive the tribute on behalf of his deceased father.

Although it is clear that the Ten was an athlete, although his life has transcended all regions around the planet, the truth is that during 2005 Diego Maradona He hosted La noche del Diez, a series of specials on El Trece, which led him to co-direct Martín Fierro’s rendition the following year, winning the statuette for best integrated production.

So, as far as you know first fruitsfor this great honor which the press entity had called for the celebration which would lead Marley his youngest son, Diego FernandoOf course with his mother, Veronica OjedaTo receive recognition and remembrance Diego Maradona During his time on Argentine television.

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One this Sunday will be 50 degrees.  Presentation of the Martin Fierro Awards for Television Broadcasting.  & nbsp;

This Sunday will be the 50th rendition of the Martin Fierro Awards for Opening Television.

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