Chimu-Dondon ・ Is the Higa family “funny with a sense of money”? !! Tsukkomi with a series of debts … Looking back at the “money problem”: J-CAST news[عرض النص الكامل]


In response to the NHK TV series “Chimu-Dondon” in the first half of 2022, there are voices on the Internet that the “feeling of money is alien” to the heroine’s family.

The drama tells the story of the heroine, Nobuko Higa (Yuna Kuroshima = 25), who lives in Okinawa, and aims to become a chef. The broadcast ended on May 13, 2022 with Nobuko leaving for Tokyo alone on May 15, 1972 (the day of return to mainland Okinawa) during the play. Until now, I lived in my parents’ house in Okinawa, but many scenes related to the money of the people of my parents’ house, the Higa family, were painted.

  • Yuina Kurushima (Photo: 2019 TIFF/Afro)

  • Yuina Kurushima (Photo: 2019 TIFF/Afro)

The eldest son, stray Kennedy

The home of the heroine’s parents, the Higa family, is a mother, Yuki (Yuki Nakama = 42), the eldest son, Kinhaide (Ryo Ryūsi = 29), the eldest daughter, Yoshiko (Haruna Kawaguchi = 27), the second daughter, Nobuko and the third daughter, an otaku family consisting of Five people (Moka Kamishiraishi = 22). After the death of his father Kenzo (nao omori = 50) in the sixth week of the second week (the child actors paint the heroine’s childhood until the same week), the family bought a sugarcane field for housing and the family business had no choice but to continue his life suffering from the debts he incurred, and in Once he even talked about leaving Nobuko to his relatives.

After the third week, when the child actors finished and Kuroshima-san and others appeared, the straying of his eldest son, Kensho, became apparent. In the nineteenth edition, Kencho, who spends his days without work, spends a lot of money on a shady investment story, and as a result, the entire amount is withdrawn. The first time in that “Bad Guy” is speeding up as airtimes progress. As for the pathetic appearance, the eyes of the viewer are harsh, like the voice that says on Twitter “He’s so wise and so dangerous… It’s a hell of a debt because of this guy.” However, there was an existence that could arguably “increase” Kencho’s wayward behavior. Yoko’s mom.

A mother spoils her eldest son

The twenty-first time, Kenhead went into a hamburger shop due to the shock of being scammed by investment talk and withdrawing his money. Kyouko Shimo (Hiri Katagiri = 59), a music teacher who teaches high school otaku, intervenes, but Yuko bows and hides when she visits the Higa family to ask Kenhead to apologize. She tried to “hide” by showering Kencho.

Furthermore, the money Kenhide had put into the scam that had been seized was so spoiled that Kenhide asked Yuko to borrow new money from his relatives. Viewers said, “I’m waking up with this boy and my mom spoiling me!”

Regarding the heroine herself, when he won the competition in which he entered as a cooking club the twentieth time, he announced that he was going to Tokyo saying, “I want to go to Tokyo and become a chef! I want to be a chef! Cook! I found what I wanted to do!”. However, as soon as Nobuko’s trip to Tokyo appeared to have collapsed due to the fraudulent damage mentioned above by Kensho, at the 23rd session, she said, “I want to go to Tokyo for spring break before I become a member of the community, without thinking about the family budget that Suffering from debt.” And when this is rejected, he seems to scream. Some viewers said, “Nobuko today suddenly wants to go on a trip to Tokyo.”

The eldest daughter is also a city

In episodes 23 and 24, new episodes of Dion were plotted. Yoshiko, the eldest daughter who had a stable career as a teacher and exhibited arguably “honour-seeking family” behavior such as putting most of her monthly salary at home, pays her part of the debt. My relatives traveled to Tokyo, I borrowed money from my workplace to pay for it.

Fortunately, at the twenty-fourth meeting, Kenhead, who went to Tokyo, became a professional boxer and sent a large sum of money to his parents’ house, so the Higa family was able to get rid of debts owed to their relatives. As a result, I didn’t have to spend any money at my workplace. However, for some reason, Yoshiko revealed that she would not return it immediately, saying, “I will save this money. I believe that one day it will be useful for my family.” Because of this, viewers said, “No, Yoshiko, why don’t you take her back to school right now? (It’s a loan)”.

The Higa family is full of tsukumi tied to money. At the moment, there are no “bad episodes” around the third daughter’s song, like the financial meltdown, but from viewers,

“After all, the Higa family has a different sense of money than other homes.”
“It’s the first time that the morning drama has turned into strange people for all members of the main character’s family.”
“It’s a serious question that all hija families have a strange sense of money, or that there is no sense of a crunch in their family budget.”

The sound rose.

However, as mentioned above, after paying off debts from his relatives with Kenshu money and preparing his own money for Tokyo, Nobuko set out for Tokyo on the 25th of the 13th. After showing an initial solution to the money problem, we entered a new chapter, and there were expectations that “I can see it with confidence when I think I’m out of debt. I was looking forward to the Tokyo version with exciting music.” It ended.

(Tomonaga Sakashita, J-CAST News Editorial Division)

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