Cheetahs bounce back to weather the storm


The Panthers recovered from their first loss of the season to the brave but under-numbered Storm team 32-6 at Suncorp Stadium on Saturday night.

The joint competition leaders’ struggle had been described as the match of the season, but Melbourne lost Kiwi full back Jahrom Hughes before starting with a calf injury.

With superstar Ryan Papenhausen and attacker Reims Smith off attack, their attack was stifled.

Rookies Cooper Jones and Terran Wishart were called in to replace Hughes and Babenhausen, but former Kangaroos, Matt Jones and Rod Wishart, had a rough night as Penrith claimed their ninth win of the season.

Cameron Monster did his best to stoke the storm but the eighth five-star could not stop the Panthers from clinching their biggest win in 25 years of matches between the two clubs.

Penrith missed coach Evan Cleary for the second week in a row due to medical reasons and kept in touch with his assistants Cameron Ciraldo and Andrew Webster during the match, but he didn’t have much to do.

The Panthers were so dominant that they were able to comfort Jarom Loai and Isah Yu late in the second half.

match shot

  • The Panthers quickly put last week’s 22-20 loss to Parramatta behind them as Nathan Cleary and Issah Yu combined before Jarom Loai put Isaac Tago’s heart in the opposition’s goal in the sixth minute.
  • When Fiji’s striker William Kekao jumped over Marion Seif to kick Cleary’s kick across the field to score in the 10th minute, the first team scored better than equal time.

The wonderful Fijian Kikau takes a trip

  • Storm was stripped of possession, but five-star Cameron Monster managed to get them back in the game in the 18th minute when he followed up on a solo steal with a perfectly placed cross for unmarked Nick Meaney. to score.

Magic Monster finds Minnie in the corner

  • Monster then made another big show for his side when he stopped Stephen Crichton on the test line five minutes before the break, but a powerful tackle by Minster on Dylan Edwards enabled Cleary to take a penalty.
  • Tajo’s second attempt just two minutes later after Melbourne defender Terran Wishart fired Loya’s bomb proved to be a storm sledgehammer as they went into the first half 20-6 behind.

Tago jumps on Wishart’s mistake for the second time

  • Louay then scored his attempt on his own in the 55th minute after Cleary found a short pass for Kickao and the second star rower managed to dump away to New South Wales and Samoa with eighty-five.
  • In the 62nd minute, Crichton tried to threaten to see an ugly result for Melbourne, but they never gave up and Penrith did not score again.

Panthers find space and Crichton discovers the line

play the game

The weather was horrific but the Panthers weren’t afraid to play adventurous football and quickly put the crewless Zee Storm behind when their three main playmakers Nathan Cleary, Isah Yu and Jarom Lewis got together for the first attempt at Isaac Tago at just six. the moment.

Tago opens the scoring in the Mammoth match

What did they say

“Things didn’t get better from the start to be honest. They just suffocated us in the second half. We had two players outside but the players who came in, you expect them to do something. Maybe it’s a match we needed in three or four weeks where we won really well. With all the Due respect, it was fine tonight. We may not have gone the way people thought.” – Storm coach Craig Bellamy.

The Storm: Round 10

“It wasn’t a normal week and it could have been a distraction if we wanted it. Evan was missing and really wanted to fly. I thought they were really good. I thought Nathan dominated the game, especially in the second half. Both teams will be better next time we play.” With each other “. – Panthers assistant coach Cameron Ceraldo.

Panthers: Tenth round

What’s Next

The Storm travels to North Queensland to play the resplendent Cowboys next Saturday, while the Panthers face the Sydney Roosters at SCG later that same night.

Melbourne coach Craig Bellamy is hoping to get Kiwi full back Jahrom Hughes back on board after his late retirement against Penrith with a calf injury.

Winger Xavier Coates faced a groin injury during the second half, while Nick Meaney was put in the report for his lofty shot on Dylan Edwards.

Prop Nelson Asofa-Solomona was in a knee arc after the game.

Panthers coach Nathan Cleary is hoping to return to the deck next week after being forced to watch the past two games remotely for medical reasons.

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